Dumbell: They WILL Electrify YOU

For over a decade Dumbell has been reigning supreme as the underground international punk-rock collective out of Germany, by way of the American Midwest. Formed in 1996 by Paul Grace Smith after departing from SONNY VINCENT'S SHOTGUN RATIONALE where he played with the likes of Cheetah Chrome (THE DEAD BOYS), Greg Norton (HUSKER DU), Richard Hell, Moe Tucker (VELVET UNDERGROUND) and Bob Stinson (THE REPLACEMENTS). Dumbell's roots & subsequent staying power largely stem from American soil. Smith, originally from Cincinnati, was taking notes from THE MC5, THE STOOGES, and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND and doing his homework sharing stages with the likes of Zeke and the New Bomb Turks, and the Murder City Devils. Taking cues from the godfathers of punk, Smith trudged across the muck and the mire of several continents and arrived in Germany with US garage rock dripping off his boots. Smith has consistently toured Europe, Scandinavia, and Brazil playing in a handful of punk bands in addition to Dumbell, including the HYDROMATICS (featuring Detroit's legendary Scott Morgan and the HELLACOPTER'S golden boy Nicke) and the notorious NITWITZ of Amsterdam fame. Hope and humor. Unpretentious and unimpressed. From the bottomless abyss and Dante's inferno. Upon relocating to Detroit in 2012, the lineup consists of
Paul Grace Smith- Vocals and Guitar
Jamy Holliday (ex-mystery addicts, haunting souls,luxury pushers)- Guitar and Vocals
Craig Nichols (ex-Shesus, Guided By Voices, Rob The Bank, Swearing At Motorists) Drums
Derek Gullet (Dirty Socialites, The Professors) Bass and Vocals

Former members of Dumbell:
Udo Brenk
Bass Guitar 1996-2001:The original Dumbell bass player. Played on the all releases up to Dont Mess With Cupid. Went on to play with german punk band Bluthusten And Namhammanet.
Simon Spitz
Drummer 1996-1999 and 2001-2002: Co-founder of Dumbell. Played on all releases up to the Skinned EP. Retired from the rock and roll biz...
Ross Kerstin
Guitarist 2001: Former frontman of the LaDonnas. Played a hanful of shows, and recorded some demos that will be realeased on the Lost Recordings CD. Currently playing in The Mochines in South Africa
Volker Vogt
Gutarist 2003-2004: Guitarist by Moltow Soda, Dirty Deeds, and Canal Terror. Played 1 dozen shows and cut a couple of demos. Still highly active in music. Currently playing with Zeltinger.
Glen Thompson
Guitarist 1999-2004: Former Reagan Cain guitarist. Played on all releases from Skinned to Devils Pantry.
David Wallraff

Guitarist 2004-2006: Played on the Instant Apocalypse LP. Currently playing with Lichtzwang, N-Punkt and Chromatron.
Lui Vanini
Bassist 2001-2004: Played on the Devils Pantry EP. Currently playing with Nitrovolt.
Burn Burn Harper
Drummer 2007 - 2008: Played a couple of shows and on a couple of demos. Currently playing drums for The Vageenas and Motör Rabbits.
Artur Hörtner
Drummer 2002-2004: Played on the Devils Pantry EP. Currently drumming for Molotow Soda and Helden Von Gestern.
Makki Makki Schmitz
Bassist 2008-2009: Played and set up a couple of shows. Currently playing with The Nopes, and Helden Von Gestern,
Elmar Freels
Guitarist 1996-1999: Played on the first 3 releases and was a co-founder of the band. No longer active with music.
Little Paul
Paul Teyemant
Guitarist 1999-2000: Guitarist from the dutch band The Bezerkerz. Played on the Dont Mess With Cupid LP. Still active with the Bezerkerz.
Klaus Lange
Drummer 1999-2001: Played on Dont mess With Cupid. Went on to play with the Havanna Ragdolls, now currently with the Fancy Waiters.
Michael "Uzi" Otzdamir
Drummer 2001-2002: Former Ten Buck Fuck drummer Played a bunch of shows and on a lot of demos that never saw the light of day. Many will be heard on the forthcoming Lost Recordings CD. Currently with the German band 200 sachen.
Jenny Cox
Bassist 1999: Former Godholly Bassist.Played a couple of shows and a complete album of which the master tapes were lost. 2 Songs from a cassette will be heard on the lost recordings CD.Not currently in any projects.
Marcel Lepperhof aka Marc The Lepper
Guitarist/ Bassist/ Right Hand Man-2004-2011- A man among men, and hobby chipmunk farmer, Marcel was the longest enduring Dumbell. When faced with the harsh reality of touring non-stop or having a real life, he chose wisely, and will be missed greatly.