All those links are worth a click......
No Solution Records - Unadultered music composed by uncompromising individuals

Billig People Booking - DUMBELLS trustworthy and awesome booking agency! EIVERBIBSCH!

Siren Recordings - have been so kind to release the 'Instant Apocalypse' double vinyl for you chicken lovers
Dumbell on - Listen to some asscracking tunes and have a glimpse on some nice dumbell pictures

Dumbell on ReverbNation  - exclusive DUMBELL downloads

Dumbell on Facebook

The Damagers - Louder than Motorhead and more antisocial than your mamma, these German Rock and Rollers will clean your clock Baby!

Gerry Esser - Owner of Surfing Anti-Christ Publishing and Writer of the famous SurfPunkNovel 'Santa Suzana'

Cargo Records - A lot of Dumbell releases waiting for your order

Burning Ear Studios - The recording studio where gold records are made,  including the latest Dumbell records
e-cat://media - He who takes care of hosting and technical issues for the love of smurf